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Most issues in this FP are players related.

1- Bad healer. I mean, really bad healer, the kind of "you'll receive heals when my cup of tea will be in my mouth and the cup on the table back again" healers.

2- Bad tank. I know I'm one of these when I do it with melee dps, it's really hard to interrupt, move and cycle aggro generating stuff for a mouseclicker, but I still worked through it with a recruit marauder in the group. The tank has to know 75% of his attention (if not more) has to be put on Incinerate and how to counter it. Damage dealers already have enough work without having to do this.

3- Bad damage dealer(s). This boss requires about 2000 DPS overall, I've seen tries where I, as a tank, was doing more than what the 2 damage dealers were doing together. You read it right, a tank outclassing TWO damage dealers at THEIR work. Trying to pass guildies, I "soloed" him and found he enraged at about 20% with 1200dps. Not enough, but I had clearly non-optimal gear. One fat ranged damage dealer will be able to meet the enrage timer.

4- Bad group cohesion. Even with 1-2-3 ok, each one has to pay attention to what he does and what others do.

I first healed it and can confirm a too weak damage dealer is a pain on Sav-rak (was merc, almost full augmented WH), but I learnt from it and am now better at healing. When available, the damage dealers should pop their defensive CDs, bubbles... before the barbecue party. Lorrick requires the tank to avoid grenades, but if damage dealers (and tank in case of melee) do their job properly it's doable anyway with a fat tank. The healer will hate you because he won't be able to DPS the kolto tank, but it's doable.

I tank it too, and it works even in regular mixed Vindicator/War leader WH gear (with mixed BM ear/implants btw), as long as the healer doesn't have to burn everything on the damage dealers and himself. I once have been able to pass LR-5 with ~13k damage taken during the whole fight (as a sin, sorc healer).

Really, this FP is a check for everything, and I sort of use it as a gauge for my guildies because of that... not all have passed, and not necessarily the supposedly undergeared ones have failed.