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Shadows tanks have force stun and force lift (the lift cc only lasts 8 seconds) plus the mind maze used in stealth, how many stuns does the Assassin have I wonder? hmm
Shadows have the equivalent of low slash in infiltration, the equivalent of electrocute(main stun) ,the equivalent of spike(knockdown), mind maze just like assassins and the equivalent of instan whirlwind if specced.

I'm sorry but you have a VERY big L2P issue or you are trolling or you have a massive issue with your brain.

Shadows and assassins are the exact same classes. One is a nice guy,the othe is a bad guy. Other than that, there is no difference with the amount of stuns and other skills.
Guarding a healer is not only the job the the skill ''guard''. It is also your job to stay around the healer to be a plague for the people attacking the healer.