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Kregan responded in a cheery tone. While most Jedi hold true to tradition and figure themselves above emotions I have found it better for one to embrace them rather than subdue them. In short I approve... her tone then changed sharply to a dark serious tone. Cause her any harm and I promise this sure thing. No matter who you are I will erase your existence from this galaxy without hesitation. her tone then changed again back to a more cheery tone than before. But I am sure we won't have to worry about that now will we? Now run along and find her. Kregan got up and bowed politely before walking out of the ship.

Hadock walked out of the room he almost could not believe his eyes. Ravna... you're alive... Well i'll be. He said walking over to her embracing her tightly. Thought you were gone... How did you get back here? Ravna wrapped her arms around her brother clinging tightly to him. Well.. that's a bit of a story...