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I use Disturbance and Project for burst only or in fights where I know I have Force to spare (adds on Phase 1 of Terror and tantrum, Operator IX before final boss, Kephess the Undying increased damage phase and burn phase, exploding adds on Vorgath minefield (NiM only), adds in F&S shield etc.) but not really as a part of a sustained rotation.

Talking about rotation does it really matter beyond first few seconds if you go:

a) TT until proc - FiB - MC - WM - SF (my rotation)
- slower build up, easier on a tank, instant cast on MC, stacks from FiB get used by all MC ticks (highest DoT)
b) MC - WM - FiB - SF - TT (OP's rotation)
- not really sure, At least 2 ticks of MC will not use the FiB stacks and MC has to be casted for the first time (but that matters little)
c) FiB - MC - WM - SF - TT (Someone posted this rotation above)
-Big hit at the start but then a casted MC but it does get the FiB stacks.

Either way it seems that 20s into the fight it doesn't really matter which rotation you go with, any ideas?
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