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My remark was not directed at those that are in recruit gear specifically.

My comment was directed at those that do not understand the objectives of a WZ and I included numerous gear levels and not just those in recruit gear.

As for their actual gear, there is no real reason for anyone to show up in PvE gear, at all. You receive a letter in the mail stating that you can get free recruit gear.

For those in recruit gear, I really don't care as long as they seem to know what they are doing. Hell, I've seen people in WH gear that still don't know how to play to the objectives of a WZ.
Ah okay. I miss-read and apolgise. I too get upset at players that make no effort to learn their class or the objectives of the game, regardless of their gear. It just really annoys me that people expect players to be in anything other than recruit (maybe some WH) right off the bat when it is impossible to be anything but.