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Imperial Agent : Smuggler
  1. Operative : Scoundrel
  2. Sniper : Gunslinger

  • Droid Specialist : Droid Tinkerer

An advanced class that specializes in droids and devices. It will possess skills that send (not probe) droids as suicide-bombers, hold aggro for X amount of seconds, click-deploy directional one-way shields, deploy AI turrets, group class-resource optimizer, bonus damage to droids, etc. Utilizes single blaster pistol and vibroknife. No Stealth no Advanced Cover.

One skill tree will focus on support & utility, the other tree will specialize in AOE damage, then there's DoT Lethality.

Will visually have several kamikaze ball-droids floating around it. Instant panty-dropper.

of course, called/summoned/used droids will visually differ between factions.
(Black Vulkars) Bastion: Dregs - 50 Operative , Dresni - 50 Assassin Fapmonster - 50 Vanguard
Shadowfire: Dregs - Spy | Ryuten - MPowers/MLS
Flurry: Ryushi - Rifleman/Creature Handler