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01.02.2013 , 07:31 PM | #88
I don't have problems with quitters that do it up front. See which WZ it is, don't like it, or don't like the player composition for some reason, and quit right away. Fine by me. I get a little irked when someone quits 2 seconds before the start, after sitting there for the full minute and a half, thus guaranteeing you start a man down. Even worse when a "team" does it, leaving your 2 or more men down.

I hate hate hate hate and hate some more those who quit with like 30 seconds left, so that I get to backfill just in time to see the final blow and/or the score screen. On the other hand, today I had one of those, and then followed it up with about 7 straight wins, finishing my weekly and then some, so maybe karma does work?

Edit: you know, I just realized with the suggestion above about adjusting the queues based on amount of time players quit - they could put "habitual quitters" (however you define that) into the F2P mode - don't F2P people already get put at the back of the queue? I only think they should do this if they let us choose WZs. I don't dislike any WZ enough to quit, but I know there are people who do, and I don't really think they should be penalized for not wanting to play a specific WZ.