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That other thread is over in general atm.

Most of the suggestions are similar, or exactly the same. I think the real reason why people are leaning this way is that it gives people a little more flexibility with their gear. The biggest downside being that some of the AC's will lose some of their uniqueness. Sent/mara wont be the only dual weilding AC anymore for example. But's really the way the class abilities work different between each AC and the active abilities in the tech trees that make each spec play differently. It's mostly about allowing cosmetic changes that let people feel like they are not being pigeon holed into a set of options.

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Specs that are "worthless" really are not nearly as bad as they seem. They're only viewed that way until some player takes the time to figure them out, and then go ROFLstomp with them. Then they end up being the FoTM. Every balance patch can make any of those AC's in to the next Op build. So there isn't any reaon not to play them. And playing an "off" spec is going to make you play an "on" spec just that much better.
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