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So i've been thinking a bit.

Although i have not finished the Jed Knight storyline myself; i spoiled it, in fact.

From what i understand, the only companion that can face the Emperor alongside the Jedi Knight is T7, correct? The reason for this is because T7 is a droid and cannot be influenced by the Emperor, correct?

Now, here's a good opportunity to integrate HK-51 into a storyline.

I realize this may take some work down the line, since i see there's a special cutscene(s) with T7 that would cause problems for HK-51.

I honestly think this would also be a solution to some people that really don't want to spend the time and credits to gear up T7. Just use HK instead, he already comes with the Level 50 parts.

Keep in mind i'm speaking with limited knowledge of the JK story. There might be some other reason to T7's requirement, i dunno.
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