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01.02.2013 , 06:57 PM | #204
I read this thread and can only think that Bioware is actively and willingly working to address player concerns.
I don't understand how people get so easily fooled time and again. This is from the same guy who in his last state of the game stated that BW employs hundreds of QA professionals for this game.., which means you have to take everything he says with a grain, nay a freightload full, of salt. This person is a salesman spinning you a tale. Absolutely nothing that he said now is remotely concrete: we have a plan to do this, we aim to do that, we are currently testing...

If I read between the lines I see: EA crippled our budget, we are not allowed to employ a decent amount of customer service agents, we have one guy in a broom closet pretending he's testing patches, I'm keeping you guys on the hook by talking about stuff we plan to implement one day, but really all the home office wants us to do is sell more Cartel Market stuff and sell you an expansion that's not an expansion, but we call it that because then we can charge you for it. Ooohhh, SGR (which I couldn't care less about) with npc's: read you finish a quest, get cuddly with the quest giver, go into a backroom together, screen fades to black, two seconds later it's over.

I'm not a cynical person, but these people make me. Which is why I just unsubbed, 6 days left to go and I'm gone. And I was enjoying this game, but this just drove it home that nothing will get fixed and I do not want to crash to desktop anymore every two hours. Good luck everyone and enjoy your game.