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A new year is here, some players have left the game and some new faces in the level 50 PVP bracket. So who is improved and who stands out in PVP these days.

Ive noticed Gimp (rebel) guild has really been competitive lately.. Also the other guild that have improved in my eyes ( and im sure i got the guild name wrong, SORRY) is it Corvus ?

A few players that i still enjoy watching carve up a WZ are: Noodles, Tough-M, Frogalicious, dafy and the guys in SNX
Thanks for the mention Kript, for that ill try to hunt you down a little less but i won't make any promises.
as to Gimps being competitive....... we always have been but we are seening alot more online and new players improving emencely so thats proberly why we seem more competitive.
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