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Ash and Kaidan were never intended to be S/S from the start. They were always straight.

Now, the way they did dialog in Mass Effect is to have both Meer and Hale read the entire scripts, rather than worrying about figuring out "ok this line is dudeShep only, this line is femShep only" during the actual recording sessions, and then sorted it all out later. I don't know why this was better for their pipeline but apparently it was; I believe them entirely on this count, because you can find unused dialog on the ME1 disks of Meer talking about being a woman.

At some point late in development, they noticed that hey, they had these active dialogs for both genders, and the Ash and Kaidan romances actually worked pretty well even with the gender they weren't. And they said, "well, what if we make all three love interests bisexual? That would be a pretty cool thing for our fans."

But they decided that it didn't quite work. Stop me if you've heard this one, but they didn't want to just flip the pronouns and call it a day. That wasn't good writing. A queer romance had to have its own separate dialog paths, and that late in development, there just wasn't time to ~do it justice.~ So bi Ash and Kaidan never happened because it wasn't planned. It was just an accidental near-miss.

(They almost have a point. Kaidan is a bit awkward because he's a Carth and thus compares you to his lost beloved ex, so there are three or four lines in the entire romance that would have needed reworking. Ash is completely, perfectly seamless, on the other hand, with only one line in the entire game that even needs a pronoun swap, much less an actual content rewrite. This is surprisingly common in BioWare games, as modders who made s/s Bastila and Morrigan mods easily but remained utterly confounded by s/s Carth and Alistair soon discovered.)