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If the OP doesn't mind, I'll share a story:

Right after 1.5 dropped, two of my friends and I set out to get HK-51. One of my friends (DPS) does HM FPs and Ops so was moderately geared, but the other friend (DPS) and myself (Healer) were in the New Technology Recruit gear.

False Emperor went fine, but when we got to the HM Maelstrom Prison run, things went pear-shaped. We let the Tank (who was well geared) know upfront we were new to endgame and mostly inexperienced with MP (I'd done it once in SM, my other friend not at all), she said "No problem."

Despite our best efforts and being on voice chat with the geared DPS talking us through it, the other DPS and I kept getting wasted on the Champions. Over and over again. Our experienced DPS player also made some stupid mistakes which he facepalmed over.

But that Tank. That Tank was awesome. She didn't sound like she got frustrated, she didn't ragequit like the half a dozen times I thought she would, and she pulled us through that FP by sheer determination and skill. By the time we got to the end boss, we were all laughing and having fun on chat because what else could you do when we died as much as we did? We had to chain kill the end boss, and she was going "whee! " and making what could have been a terrible experience one of the best ones I've had in the game.

So, yeah. Hat tip out to the good ones out there. You're much appreciated.
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