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Hi All,

Just saw your thread and you seem like the kind of Guild I am looking for. I'm about as laid back as can be. I don't take the game to serious. I'm here to have fun.

I would like to do a bit more Raiding, but the attitudes of some of the people in Pugs is more than I can handle some times.

I currently have 3 50's

Jaisen - Bounty Hunter Powertech DPS (my best geared player)
Jay'tee - Bounty Hunter Mercenary DPS (Just hit 50 so in tionese)
J'tee - Imperial Agent Operative DPS (Also in tionese thinking of switching to a healer)

I also have 5 other Empire Alts between 20 and 10.

If you think I will fit in please look me up in game.

Thank You
Hey buddy sorry for the late reply! I've friended your toons - hopefully you're still interested in joining. You can contact me in game as well - Grav'evel