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this is how i feel, I know alot of different class and I know how to counter but with my sage tk spec it is hard 1 on 1, you got to interupt that ravage, cleanse dot, kite, and fine some way to get off your casts.

what mods do you use ? I am going to start min maxing already fully augmented
i'm not finished min/max ewh yet either...i like playing on my alts and grinding all the extra gloves, belts, and legs is a *****. the actual mod is the war hero's aptitude 27...34 end, 52 wp, 30 exp, 40 power. I put it in every single piece except for the chest, which I use the stock ewh forcemaster chest. The stock chest allows me to be just over 30% crit when all is said and done. I use 2 piece mystic and 2 piece master for the bonuses. I put pve armorings in my belt and bracer (hopefully you can afford the 63s =P). I will continue using wh force healer ear and wh force lord implants, because ewh all suck.