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Regarding whether there would have been SGR content in the recent patches:

From what I gather, going by various things I've read over time - all of the content that we have in the game so far was essentially finished, or mostly finished before the game was released. They started working on Makeb very shortly after the game was launched. Also, we know from some early content patch leaks that 1.3 was supposed to be what we got out of 1.4 and even part some other patches that came after.

Here is what Daniel Erickson said regarding Makeb:

One of the first things we talked about way back in the day was that we wanted to make the eternal RPG. As soon as we started wrapping up any of the core content, we started making plans for the future. We then realized that people were burning through a lot of the core content. People were playing six or seven hour game sessions, and we were like, “We have to plan out all of our Ops and all of that stuff for the next year at least.” So we did that. All of that stuff for the next few Ops that people are going to see — you know we still have to build things, but all the core writing and the dialogue and the recording — all of that was written a long time ago. Then we started saying “What’s the next planet?” We looked back at everything we did well and not as well, and we realized that the best moments of our games from a storytelling perspective were definitely the early ones when it was more focused. You had fewer quests at one time, and they were much higher quality stuff, big high quality cinematics, really deep storytelling, big choices, stuff that you really, really were involved in, were excited about, and really could keep track of what you were doing. That is Makeb. Makeb is a return to full on AAA BioWare storytelling.
I have a feeling that the last time any voice recording sessions were done was last Spring. At least, that's the last time I ever recall hearing the VA's posting tweets about it.
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