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RE: SoG2 Announcement:

Well, I thought I'd be angry at the information we were given (it's effectively pay2gay, since you won't get it without the expansion) - but... I'm actually fine with it. (More than fine, practically bouncing in my chair!)

I hope whatever they do with the NPCs on Makeb is at least comparable to the mini-friendship/romance available with Watcher Two for IAs.

This has made my day.

Quote: Originally Posted by natashina View Post
It's off topic, but I completely agree. The APAC servers need some help badly. Other than addressing SGRs, I wanted them to address the APAC server issues. Those poor players get tons of lip service and no real help. With my hours, most of my gaming friends over the years have been from NZ, Aussie Land or Across the Pond.
Speaking only for myself, I'm a little annoyed that Bioware didn't see this problem coming a mile off.

The problem is, since the local APAC servers weren't released until March at least some of the APAC population didn't move from US to APAC servers (because they were already settled and happy, with guilds and friends they didn't want to leave behind). Which just compounds our overall smaller population (APAC region is 1/10th the overall population of just North America).
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