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Agree with Tatile and Noz.. Underwhelmed.

But... I do want to thank the team for finally addressing this issue. It should have been clarified a long time ago.

The quotes are again completely ambiguous. The tenses used and the phrasing itself can either compliment or contradict. I wouldn't read anything into it, it can be denied and changed at a later point.

Some thoughts. I'm glad we got a response. But I'm not excited about what's been said. I'm conflicted. I'll elaborate a bit on that.
While it doesn't say we're not going to be seeing SGR with companions, it doesn't say that we are either. In fact that line could be interpreted either way, which begs the question; have they even decided on it? Because to me it sounds like this (I'll use the "this" from the post, you know, the thing that shall not be named) has been decided to be put in very recently with some NPCs in Makeb.
But the fact that SGR will be in Makeb is a good first step. Making sure that in all new content SGR is available is a very big and good step in the right direction. We should then also expect any new companion(s) to be available for SGR as well.
They've not elaborated on what their promise exactly is and what is going to really happen going forward. It doesn't say whether or not previously released content will see SGR additions. That worries me. Especially since the future of class story content and companions is in a similar haze. So it equally says little about the future other than the NPCs mentioned for Makeb.
I'm conflicted also because what they've said, doesn't compute with their actions. And they can say all they want, but I want to see some action.

To me this doesn't fix the problem. The representation of LGBTQ people is still absent, up until Makeb. From Makeb there will be some, and that is a good thing, but it doesn't make the absence in the earlier content released right.

I've not been playing for that long because SGR isn't in the game. But I do wonder about some things. Perhaps some long time players can enlighten me. (Time to look at their actions, and not their talk.)
Obviously since release and since the initial statement that SGR would be added to the game, we've seen some content releases. With Makeb now seeming to be a point forward with inclusion, it begs the question, could they have been inclusive going forward a year ago?
Do Section X and Illum have NPCs that are exclusive? Have the additional planet quests been released post launch (they feel like content added later, and they have the most flirts with NPCs)?
What should they have been doing this past year? And I ask this, not because I want to burn them down with it now (it's already happened, no point in beating a dead horse), but because I'm curious about whether or not the gut feeling I have, that it has been decided later December to start being inclusive going forward, caries any validity.
What's happened this past year? I feel we need to process. Does this announcement that they are now adding SGR NPCs to Makeb, come only because we got really very angry these past few weeks?
What are their actual actions?
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