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[COLOR="Plum"]Don't mind him. He's always concerned for us and I'm sure he knows best.
Wow. I offered up a suggestion that gives what's asked for, could bring in money to TOR, and just adds new content period, and you come off with a comment that makes it sound like you're more interrested in winning some pc award.

Now, I don't know about every romance storyline out there, but I doubt there's some switch they can hit that says "okay SGR enabled", they don't have the scenes for it. And from what I've seen of the romance options so far, is at some point theres talk about having babies (again not sure about all)...and if that's the case with all of them, then that would have to be reworked/reworded.

On that note though, it's making me think all the races we can play are genetically compatible to have kids together. And thusly that question of mine is answered.