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There was another post similar to this about addig a new playable class. I think adding a third advanced class is really the most feasible way for SWTOR to add additional classes.

I would really like to see classes that can buff groups or debuff enemies to make everyone else stronger. This utility would add another aspect to the game. I think Rift did this nicely with a bard class. I think they can do damage (at a reduced amount like tanks do) and in return they provide healing to the groups or additional damage. They could also reduce damage taken, increase healing received, provide speed increases or other features that would make them worthwhile for a group to bring along.

This utility tree would only need to be one tree for the advanced class and you would still have a shared tree along with either dps/healer/tank third tree.

Something similar to the OPs reverse hilt user that could provide some damage but also adds like a gore debuff for the entire group or reduces the damage a boss does in addition to standard tank moves.

Inquisitors could use melee attacks as someone else mentioned and provide extra group benefits.

Bounty hunters and agents could provide technology that could buff the group and cause them to take less damage do, more damage, run faster etc. Instead of doing damage like the force users to apply their benefits they could provide benefits through healing or be able to heal in between their buffing abilities.

I think this would make group dynamics much more interested and different as well give SWTOR the ability to do new and different boss mechanics.

As mentioned the utility tree would likely only be a single tree and you could still just be straight DPS on you weaponless inquisitor or reverse hilt warrior. The BH could use blaster rifles etc etc.

TLDR: I would like to see utility classes/trees in SWTOR.
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