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It's off topic, but I completely agree. The APAC servers need some help badly. Other than addressing SGRs, I wanted them to address the APAC server issues. Those poor players get tons of lip service and no real help. With my hours, most of my gaming friends over the years have been from NZ, Aussie Land or Across the Pond.

Meanwhile, on topic...yep, I'm still jazzed.

Now the fun part begins again: What NPCs in various planets do you think might give a SGR flirt? A real one; not like with cases such as the dancing girls or the "ladies" in Nar Shadaa.

I could see Darth Lachris (Balmorra) giving a SGR flirt. She seems far more attracted to power than anything else. Forget homosexuality or bisexuality, the Sith have got "power-sexuality," down to a science.

Oh and I'm still hoping for a Vette romance eventually. I still enjoy speculating on who might be available too.
Lady of Pain on Tatooine.