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I''m not lying. Anyone can come on pot5 and see my pvp rating, look at my gear, watch me in a wz, etc. Most of the good teams/players quit, but there are still a few around who can verify I did in fact play as lightning in rated.

As for a video, I thought about doing it so maybe it's something I'll look into. It's hard to say exactly a set rotation because there isn't one. General advice would be to always keep crushing darkness and thundering blast on cooldown. Save recklessness for chain lightning procs. For your second charge of recklessness, either use it for force lightning proc or the self-heal (with my gear it's about a 5k crit). Tab affliction on every target if you know it's going to be a battle and they don't need to be cc'd, that way you can switch to them and burst at any moment. ALWAYS keep force slow on cooldown as well, especially if you notice a melee getting too close to you.

I know it's really general advice but I react to each class differently based on my positioning, which cds they use, etc.

As for gear, I mentioned it in my initial post. You want 30% crit buffed. I have 75% surge. I switch all the mods to +40 power and all the enhancements to the lower endurance/higher power. I use all willpower augments. My bonus damage is 975.3 at the moment and when I'm finished I will be ~1000 bonus damage (if I switch exp crystal for power in my saber, already have 41 power in my oh).

Edit: Sorry missed your other question. Yes it's more than possible for a pug. Some games you will get stomped on but the majority of the time you will make just as big of a difference as any other high dps. Let's be real though...anyone will die when 2 or 3 smashers are on you, or even 2 pts. Against a good premade, you need one of your own. I succeeded in rated partly because I had a guard on me when I was focused, which allowed me to turret. Secondly, I used my knockback root to keep pressure off our merc healer so he could also turret and heal. There are many variables which can influence your success, but if you just want to queue solo as lightning, you'll unfortunately have to min/max with at least wh before you'll match up. I can 1v1 much more easily on my sin and even my op...I feel like I have to play perfectly in some 1v1 situations, so I guess that's where the frustration comes from many sorcs