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Buff? hopefully never. No need to encourage that sort of gameplay.
Operative DPS isn't really a good choice in ranked PvP.... ranked pvp is about having the best at everything...

Pure Melee DPS the operative does not come close to smashers. No one does. Any class that has an Auto-Crit owns at Pure DPS because they replace all their Crit gear with Power. Besides Jugs and Mars, Pyro PT, Snipers both put out a ton of burst.

Off-Heal DPS sorc has bubbles, which is an instant cast that only takes 1gcd. The Tanky AC's have taunts which are like heals in that it is damage that mitigated.

Stealth Defender Viable but Assassin has better defensive cooldowns which makes them a better defender.

Stealth Attacker. FINALLY a place operatives shine. That mad suprise burst is great in a 1v1. Infiltrate can be useful, but only in certain situations. The slowdown makes it painful and most good teams keep track of how many people are where. And, lets face it, Assassins aren't that bad at being a stealth attacker either. And they get that awesome cooldown and better speed burst.

Here are things I've been asking for DPS:
1) Immunity to AoE taunt and CC while stealthed.
2) Collateral Damage/Lacerate damage boost for Concealment. Turn Weakening Blast into an AoE for lethality.
3) Less Energy Intensive
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