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Either I am not understanding or something is wrong here. There is no cooldown of switching phases if you are invited to a group. When you invite it shoud be just hit button saying yes you want to change instances to the group leader. The group leader should not be changing phases. No clue what the problem was there.
"Instance" here means the operation area, of which every ops group gets their own private instance. Not an instance of a public zone like the fleet, where you can switch at will (subject to the cooldown of course, which as you said won't trigger if you transfer to the group leader's instance).

Phases are related to progress through the operation. I'm not sure of the exact mechanics, but several times the group finder gave me an error about conflicting phases. Also at the start some others went in before me so I couldn't enter because I was too far into the operation.

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No the root cause is you did not know how to do it and we didn't explain it to you. I just figured if you did not know how to do it, someone in your group could explain it.
Yes well, that is true. There were in fact people that knew I should enter first, but this was not communicated well enough so some people entered before me on the first attempt. Without the phase-reset cooldown though, we could've resolved the issue on the spot.

Next time I'll know better.

This whole evening has been one big fail and waste of time for me. After the EV failure I joined a group intent on doing TfB SM and other ops weeklies, but so far it's been three hours, we've gone through countless group members and only had two starts (or maybe three, I don't remember anymore), both of which wiped at the first boss. I'm giving it one last try before I call it quits for the night.