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So, again, would you accept a 75% failure rate in combat, particularly if you are a level 50 character with the best end-game gear you could get? BioWare gives you no choice when it comes to Crew Skills: a success rate of about 25% is the best you will ever manage, regardless of your "skill" level, regardless of your companion's affection level, regardless of the Grade of the mission or the Rating of the item you may want to craft and RE.
There is another way to look at the system though: that the (original) intent was for most crafting to be prototype quality; that artifact quality schematics and materials were intended to be a luxury - if you got them great, if not no big deal. And when you think about it, up to level 50 this is in fact the case; you can level from 1-50 with nothing but quest reward and random drops, even prototype quality crafted gear is somewhat of a luxury.

Artifact quality materials and schematics were intended to be a bonus, not the desired goal. And will translate here what I said on the WOW forums for years regarding that game's alchemy/herbalism profession combination: treat the artifact quality materials as a bonus rather than the desired goal and you will be much happier with the results. Actively seeking a rare result only leads to disappointment.

Personally, I run missions just because I have the credits to do so. I do not care what the results are because I will use them all (eventually) regardless. With this mentality in mind, in my experience, I am getting plenty of artifact quality materials and schematics to use them in.

as to the OP, Finelinebob, I usually read your posts with great interest but I lost interest less than half way through.