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Right, I get it. I didn't realize it worked that way, and when I tested it patches ago, I forcibly used the old pieces with their armourings. Now that I understand that it can be modded, let me get to trying it out and tell you how it goes.

Edit: Seemingly this would be more of a choice for Balance-orientated specs, wouldn't it? Missing the 3 charges on Reck for infil or even KC specs kind of irks me.
That's what I thought. In retrospect the potency buff is pretty trivial comparatively. A KC build is going to be double slashing all day for the particle acceleration proc. 15% wins there. Balance or anything with the +50% crit damage is an easy win for the 15% buff. Even infiltration is going to open with two clairvoyant strikes and continue using them all game. You are basically talking about having one extra crit on demand versus having multiple crits occur. How many times do you typically use double slash/clairvoyant strike in a 75 second interval? Enough to easily counterbalance one extra on demand crit.

That's what I'm thinking at the moment anyway. It might change, but right now I'm delighted with it.