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No Guns on Cha Raaba? The only way to do Cha Raaba is with Guns and Missiles being released in a torrent of destruction. Then again I apply to a philosophy in the missions of the Best Defense is a Good Offense. Blasting targets with both guns and missiles eliminates them faster, and dead enemies do no damage. Though I do still alternate power converter settings as the shield is an awesome buffer.

I Care not if my shields drop and I take some hull damage so long as I know I have more than enough to survive.

And since it was asked for.

Cha Raaba Assault., not a perfect armor untouched run but pretty much at 85% to 90% armor integrity at the end, with most guns blazing during the run
That's a nice run.

I notice you did do the no-guns-shield-regen-missiles-only while in the minefield at 2:03 though. That's the point where (for me anyway) the mission went from hard to easy. I had previously been trying to shoot things down with guns during that stage. But switching to shield regen, use missiles to destroy the freighter, pop EWP and your shields are back at full with a dead frieghter when you get out of the middle of the minefield.

That's the no guns strat most people refer to.