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The engine is in much better shape compared to how it was back at launch. We have had some large PVP battles on our server and there were no framerate drop issues at all.

Seems some people can't get old ideas out of their head no matter how many improvements are made.

Just go out and try it, then you will see.
It IS much better. It would just be nice to at least have a system in place that gives you reason to World PvP beyond just the fun so more people would do it. Bring daily weekly kill quests that reward you with comms that you can use to buy Warzone comms to get gear or shinies. It can't be that hard.

Plus, if they really have trouble with lag/area stability, make the world PvP area its own server, with shards for overloading, that you can port to if you want to World PvP. A large Warzone in a sense that times out after an hour or 30 mins, or when the battle is won. I know this is possible.
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