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Kinda sad when SGR gets a bigger commitment than PvP does from the Executive Producer...lets us know where we stand in their eyes.
Meh, the PvP folks (I'm one of them) have gotten
  1. RWZ preseason
  2. Novare Coast
  3. Hypergates

While the SGRA folks were promised SGRA and haven't gotten squat. Myself, I'm not interested in SGRA but there are folks who are. EA/BW's decision to implement some content for the SGRA folks is based on a business case (as are all new features and content). I'm fine with that. Not every change has to be for my personal benefit.

As for PvP, I dearly hope that the new stuff planned is not YAW™ (Yet Another Warzone). We need new features (8-man challenge matches) and old bugs fixed (e.g. reconnect disconnected players in RWZ) far more than we need YAW™.

Improved match scheduling so we get more competitive matches and fewer one sided matches is less visible than a new WZ or Season 1 but would greatly improve the WZ experience of n00bs. More n00bs enjoying WZ means a more robust WZ community in the long run.

SPECULATION: Given that character copy has been mentioned, I'm guessing that BW will finally implement a cross server PvP Season 1 playoff by copying finalist teams from each server to a playoff server. Let us hope they do something to move rated WZ forward!

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