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Reactive shield isn't that bad. Ends up being almost 60% reduction instead of 25% in damage taken (character shed DR goes from 56% (with healer armor bonus) to 81%). However it's only a 30% reduction to into/else damage.

And oil spill is effectively 20% defense on a ~30% uptime. Also can be used when you are not tanking, as, funnily enough, it'll do more for your sin/jugg cotank than it will for you due to their better defense.

None of this goes against sin/shadow CD's being better, but I think the weakness for VG/PT is rather their vulnerability to int/ele damage, especially for cool downs, as our cool downs do much less and nothing against that damage.
I agree with you there if i hit my Oil Slick while my juggy co-tank is tanking Foreman Crusher while he frenzies he gets hit maybe 3 times the entire frenzy. Also it is underrated cd i notice a lot looking back at logs i do dodge a fair amount of incoming attacks while its active

I do have a sin aswell and i'll tell you hands down Force Shroud is without a doubt the most useful CD in the game. Can bypass so much dmg in so many fights. Toths aoe jump- negated by force shroud, the lighting phase in TFB HM Dread Guard fight all dmg -negated, hoping back up on to SC tank and your healers is Los bang 5 secs of no dmg, karagga aoe taunt all the mous droids and force shroud no dmg, assassin droids on the puzzle in EC.... Those are only a few example but in almost every end game fight there is a use for it that allows you to avoid tons of incoming damage if used at the right points.