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Take it a step further...

1) Open up Ranked to 4 Man's
excellent idea.

2) Slot groups by Valor or Expertize or PvP Rank (whatever eventually makes sense) so they side are approximately balanced
3) Once Ranked is Open to 4 Man's remove Conversion of Warzone Comm's to Ranked Camm's. You want Ranked Gear play ranked.
(2) the "what ever makes sense" is the key phrase. The goal is to have more competitive contests and fewer one sided contests.

(3) meh, you are essentially saying "make the gear grind harder, rather than easier". I don't like grinds so I'm not thrilled with this idea.

4-man x 2 for rated is a great idea. It is one of many low hanging fruit ideas BW could implement to make WZs better. Another idea BW has mentioned and I want to advocate for is 8v8 challenge matches. These matches would not give match rewards but would allow players to:
  • organize tournaments
  • put together practice matches
  • work around the absence of intelligent match scheduling.

Compared to cross server queuing, challenge matches are simple to implement: There is some new UI needed but once players are loaded into the match, no new code is needed.

TANGENT: most needed small improvement -- reconnecting disconnected players in rated WZ. This is really important for working around the problems of the internet. Losing a player for 2 minutes is much easier to bear than losing him for 80% of the match.

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