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Quote: Originally Posted by Hairyzac View Post
I'm a nice guy. But you quoted my entire post and tried to make it seem like I was a fool. The fact you didn't even know bubble absorbs are counted on the end scoreboard just proves you didn't really know what you were talking about at all. Next time, if you have something to say that isn't directed at me, don't quote my ENTIRE post and break it up into sections and miserably fail to pick it apart.

Happy New Year. I'll take your last sentence into consideration.
Not that I really think this whole thing is worth my time, but whatever...

So, I'm confused. Didn't you say you wouldn't even read my post? How do you know I made you look like a fool?
You are probably right about the bubbles - that's what I had heard and I repeated it without looking into it a bit more - so thanks for catching my mistake and correcting it. Twice. Because apparently once is not enough. But yeah, "good guy".

Also, the reason I quoted your entire post (and believe me, I will never quote you again on anything, you can relax and keep your posts all to yourself) is that simply you presented things in a very bad light for sorcerers. You could've actually skipped the whole thing and just said "go operative" because your whole post seems to be about bashing sorc healers, even though you claim to have a main sorc healer.

A few examples:
Best/Second best healers in the game -> your opinion
You are comparing a Pure Medic tree to a hybrid Lightning/Corruption tree and keep saying that Ops will heal for more. That is unfair, no matter how you look at it.
When you say to someone "At 30% health they have an instant free spammable heal" but not inform them that you don't get to shield them like a sorcerer healer can, then that's being biased towards operative healers.
You said that they have better survivability - and they do - but made no mention of the fact that a sorc healer can move around the map quite faster than an op healer.

So, to sum up, I'm sorry if you thought I was trying to make you look like a fool. Believe me, you'd know it if I were.
I was merely trying to present the other side of the coin because I found that you were bashing sorc healers hard and that's OK, but when explaining how healing is to a new player who is asking for information, that's just wrong. If you had read my post before insulting me you would've known that I agree with you on most of the things you said (hence my original reply to the thread) but you took it to the extreme.

Do take my last sentence into consideration. I'd like to think that my post found you at a moment that you were angry with something entirely unrelated to this post and that you just took your frustration out here, because there is nothing in my post that would make you look like a fool except maybe your insulting reply to it.

If on the other hand you think you are the only one who can judge a class or that your posts in a public forum are immune to criticism...well... I don't really care