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why it ruins your match? you get another ppl ... if ppl dont have fun they quit, is it bad? they pay for fun, or ?
I've actually played WZs where some idiots rage quit, we get some competents to backfill and then win. This is most common in CW/NC where we get 3 capped and then the rage quitters leave.

Of course it is more common to lose those matches that start out with an enemy 2-3 cap but some of them turn into close matches and some of those close matches turn into wins.

Some folks enter WZ, see the team composition and quit because of bad composition (e.g. 4 healers, 3 tanks and 1 DPS). This often gives the team a better chance of drawing to an improved composition.

Rather than punishing quitters, I think we should reward back fillers who stick it out.

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