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Resilience is on a 60 sec base CD and gets reduces to ~45 sec CD in actual play and it provides you with 200% Resistance chance for 5 seconds. Deflection is on a 120 sec CD and provides you with 50% Defense for 12 seconds.

Compare this to Reactive Shield, which is on a 2 min CD, but only provides 25% DR for 12 seconds (the same uptime as Deflection, lower than Resilience, and provides less mitigation than either). Saber Ward and Warding Call are both on 180 sec CDs; even combined, they provide less mitigation than Deflection and Resilience provide.

The Shadow CDs are well and truly amazing. They've got low CDs (120 seconds and ~45 seconds compared to 120 second, or 180 seconds and 180 seconds) and they're just as powerful as full tank CDs. Their only "weakness" is that they're specific. Reactive Shield is on a short CD but it's weakness is that it's the weakest of the tank CDs (not to mention that it's the only true tank CD that VGs get). Saber Ward is amazing (Deflection with a little bit of Resilience added), but it's on a 3 min CD (which is "long"); Warding Call is largely mediocre (it's 40% DR post mitigation, not pre-mitigation like Reactive Shield) and it's also on a 3 min CD.
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