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Thanks! I love writing Methic.

Chapter 6

Defender-class light corvette
Coruscant space
42 days ABDK

“Where is Lord Scourge?” Jasin asked.

Imindra had left the day before after telling them what Kotone had planned and politely accepting their invitation to stay the night. Doc had, of course, made passes at her, but she had seemed oblivious in a naïve and surprisingly childish manner.

“He told me he was investigating something,” said Kira.

“And you let him go without questioning it?”

She laughed. “Don’t worry, I’m not stupid. I put a tracking device on his cape.”

“He probably found it.”

“Which is why I put one on his lightsaber, too.”

“Which he’ll also find–”

“And one in the lining of his glove.”

Jasin grinned. “Good job, Kira.”

“So where is he?”

“Yeah…this is the part you won’t like.”

Jasin frowned. He was pretty sure, from the way she said it, he really wasn’t.

Imperial outpost, Ziost
42 days ABDK

Lord Scourge entered the outpost, thankful, not for the first time, to be a member of the Sith species. No one questioned him.

As he walked up to the main garrison, a pair of Imperial guards saluted, while a man in a corporal’s uniform walked up to him.

“My Lord,” he said. “I was sent by the overseer of the outpost to meet you. He apologizes, my Lord, but he was not expecting you.”

Scourge raised an eyebrow. “He should not have. Does a Sith Lord need explain his traveling?”

“N-no, my Lord! I will tell him of your arrival! May I p-please ask your name, my Lord?”

Scourge paused a beat. “Darth Vyle,” he said.

The corporal nodded. “Of course, my Lord. I will tell the overseer–”

“You won’t,” Scourge commanded. “If he wants me, he may come to the archives, where I will be.”

The corporal saluted and dashed away. Scourge smiled a little. Even though he could not feel, it was good to be back. He just couldn’t act this way around the Jedi.

As he entered the archives, he reached out with the Force to make sure there were no others in the room. When he was satisfied, he quickly accessed a terminal and brought up Imperial records.

As he scanned them, he knew coming here had been a mistake. Of course, the Emperor was alive. How foolish could he have been? He had met the real Emperor in person–and he was a half-Sith with black eyes, not a human! Of course, when that body had died the Emperor must’ve returned to his true body!

Where should he look, he wondered? Why had he come here? It was the Force guiding him, surely, but for what purpose? There would be no records here that would allow him to find the Emperor, unless…

Suddenly, the door to the archives slid open and a human male entered. He had a cybernetic left eye and short, dark hair. He stopped and glared at Scourge.

“Darth Vyle, is it?”

Scourge turned. “Yes. And you are?”

“I am Overseer Tarus,” he replied. “And you are a traitor, Lord Scourge.”

Quickly, Scourge ignited his lightsaber–the one he’d removed the tracking device from. Tarus drew his own blade and held it at guard. Scourge could tell from his stance and the way he held his blade that he was an exceptional fighter. But Scourge perfected his form for three hundred years.

Scourge charged and lashed out at Tarus. The overseer raised his blade and blocked Scourge’s blow and struck back quickly, ducking under his blade and cutting at Scourge’s waist. Scourge rolled back and sent a Force blast at Tarus, which he deflected into a wall. Scourge leapt in and unleashed a powerful blow that left Tarus’ arm dangling, dislocated.

“How did you know?” he demanded.

“There was sent out an image with your name on it, declaring your betrayal of our Lord Emperor. You must be killed.”

Scourge fumed. Of course! Those blasted Servants had gotten the last laugh, after all. Scourge raised his saber for the killing blow, and was stopped when a thin female in an inquisitor’s robe leapt in and blasted him with Force lightning.

Scourge felt the surprising power of the energy and was unable to block it. He was thrown through the walls of the archives out to the snowy ground below.

Defender-class light corvette
Republic space
42 days ABDK

Jasin piloted the ship down toward the rendezvous point with Gareb. He had sent the man a message about Scourge’s abrupt departure for Ziost, and told him he’d gotten a bad feeling in the Force.

Soon, Gareb’s own Defender was in view. Jasin hailed him, and Lieutenant Iresso answered.

“I need to speak to Gareb,” Jasin said.

“I’ll get him,” Iresso replied. “He’s meditating.”

A moment later, Gareb appeared on the screen. He nodded to Jasin.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Scourge left for Ziost rather abruptly,” Jasin said. “We don’t know why, but Kira’s got a tracer planted on him, so hopefully we can find him.”

“What if he’s undercover?” volunteered Iresso. “You could blow it.”

“Good point,” Kira muttered.

“We can’t risk it,” Jasin said. “He could be in trouble.”

Gareb nodded. “Very well. To Ziost, then.”

Fury-class interceptor
Imperial space
42 days ABDK

Methic ran to the cockpit and practically leapt into the pilot ship. Quinn jumped up, startled, and planted his butt in the copilot’s chair.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“The first Emperor’s Wrath is on Ziost,” Methic said.

“There was a first one?”

Methic nodded. “Servant One only recently told me, and he said the first Wrath betrayed the Empire and is now working with the Jedi. He’s on Ziost.”

“The Emperor wants him dead, yes?”

Methic paused. Yes, he did. “We’re not killing him,” he said. “I need to interrogate him.”

Quinn noted the pause, and seemed to understand. “Of course, my Lord.”

Methic plotted a course for Ziost and the ship jumped to hyperspace. The Fury was extremely fast, so they’d be there in less than an hour.

Methic stood and left the cockpit, fingering his twin lightsabers–one red, one blue. He wondered why the Servants hadn’t told him about the first Wrath from the start.

Vette was loading her blasters, while Pierce and Broonmark stuffed their belts and bandoliers with grenades and bombs. Jaesa was meditating, probably finding her focus for the mission.

Methic felt a pang of regret. While Pierce and Quinn had been promoted, and Methic could no doubt find a way to advance Broonmark, Vette was not in the Imperial military, and so could not be promoted. Jaesa still held to the Jedi, so she couldn’t be promoted to a full Sith.

No matter, he thought. He had no doubt Jaesa would have made a serene comment about promotion not being important, and Vette would laugh it off and say she was already a Sith Lord’s wife, making her the highest rank in the Empire.

“Prepare,” Methic said. “Something tells me this fight will not be an easy one.”