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Thinking of making a shadow just cuz I loved sin. How is Nadia though? From what I read, is she just like ashara, young and annoying? How did y'all like her?
I cared nothing for her. She's dog ugly with that pasty face makeup and all of her customizations as horrid.

I made sure to nt marry her and her being down in the store room sub-level of the ship is more than fine with me.

The best thing about her is she gets my old gear. Shes decked out in Black hole gear and for packs that require some AOE damage she does an amazing job when timed right with my force quake.

Shes a great melee / AOE damage companion when she gets some gear (even if it's my old stuff) but I put that S & M type full mask on her so I don't have to look at her and if I could strap a ball in her mouth I would cause I can't stand to hear her talk either.