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01.02.2013 , 12:33 PM | #8
I know.. shocking right.. someone with honor!

Obfuscate - How many times have you cast it just as someone ravages and then laughed your *** off as they do no damage? How many times have you cast it on a sin whose opened on you and laughed as their next 2 mauls missed. How many times have you been set on fire by a combust PT and laughed because their next 2 railshots missed. It's an overpowered ability. In every casting situation it prevents a marauder from eating anywhere from 6 - 10k damage. They have cloak of pain which already puts them at tank status and saberward also adds 50% defense + 25% tech/force damage reduction. They DON'T need obfuscate.

Still yet to see one person make a meaningful comment on smash spec that I can add to the original post.