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Ya, but these people are comparing it against MMO's which get expansions every couple years. They don't realise that instead of expansions singleplayer RPGs get sequels. These continue the story in much the same way an expansion in an MMO does.
I was also imagining a scenario where you get to purchase expansion packs i.e. a little like Dragon Age: Origins.

Maybe you'd get an extra story for your toon(s) that completed the original game i.e. like a coda ('it's not finished - we need your help in wiping up the good/bad guys!') along with a new companion and story (i.e. similar to the HK series story in the game).

Or maybe if the demand was felt to be there, a new class and new beginning to the end story (parallel to the original story).

Well it's not going to happen - fun to think about though.