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Basically would like this thread to be used as a scratchboard. All thoughts on class balance changes are welcome. I don't really care how off the wall the suggestions are. Any ideas that are well received I'll edit into this post. Keep in mind that Bioware is going to be less likely to make PVP changes if they interferes with PVE.

I'll kick off with some changes I'd like to see and some random thoughts. Note that I'm an imperial only player so all the changes I'm listing concern the class versions I'm familiar with.

First up Tanks:- I would like to see taunts locked to the tanking stance like guard is. The tanks job is team damage mitigation and it demeans their roll if DPS stances can mitigate damage via taunts as well.

Bounty hunter - General

-Missile blasts heat cost reduced to 16 heat from 25.
-Remove the minimum range from death from above and make the ability immune to interrupt.

Powertech - Shield tech

-Add defense to the shieldtech tree equivalent to that of jugs.
-Boost oilslicks accuracy debuff from 20% to 40% and lock it to the ion gas cylinder.

Mercenary - Arsenal

-Missile blast slows the target for 2 seconds
-Increase movement speed by 15%bonus when high velocity gas cylinder is active.

Marauder - general

- Lose the ability to obfuscate, cut it's duration by half or have it reduce the targets accuracy by 40% instead of 90%- This is so that they "eat" more of the burst of other classes. (Sins opening maul from stealth, ravages, sniper attacks, powertech railshots, etc) Marauders defensive cooldowns are head and shoulders above all other dps classes. In the beta they didn't have cloak of pain. They were designed to mitigate damage through avoidance. People complained bitterly that the class was too squishy so bioware added cloak of pain. When cloak of pain was added, obfuscation should have been removed.

Marauder - Annihilation

- Bleed dots can't be cleansed.

Marauder - Rage


Sorcerer - Lightning

- Change backlash back to what it was.
- Add 15% movement speed high up in the tree
- Remove the activation time of lightning strike so that it can be cast while moving.
- Add armor penetration to shock high up in the tree for burst damage.
- Increase thundering blasts damage by 20%
- Lower thundering blasts activation time to 1.5 seconds
- Add a -30% aoe talent in the second tier of the tree.

Juggernaut - vengeance

-Increase bleed damage by 30%
-Remove the sunder requirement on shatter

Juggernaut - Rage


Operative - General

-Lower the cooldown of stealth from 5 seconds to 1 second.

Operative - Concealment

Balancing concealment operatives is actually rather tricky. These guys have very good opening burst. Their ability to stun lock the target also means that they can remove 60 - 70% of the targets hit points before they are able to actually do any damage back. The main problem with concealment operatives is that they lack sustained damage output. However, If they are given sustained damage output in their current state it would return them to pre 1.1 status where they literally raped every class hands down. So the question is what do about them?

One method would be to allow player kills to reset the cooldown on combat exit. This would allow the concealment operative some more utility in largescale fights. However, it does nothing to address the lack of sustained damage output.

Another method would be to allow hidden strike to be used outside of stealth. Hidden strikes knockdown effect would have to be adjusted so that it only triggers when used from stealth. It's cooldown and damage may also need to be adjusted depending on how it parses.

Assassin - General

-Lower the cooldown of stealth from 5 seconds to 1 second.