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01.02.2013 , 11:27 AM | #13
I was able to purchase things up to around 15:00 +1GMT yesterday, but past that I only got error messages. Kinda strange, this error happening to so many people and all we get is a "wait 24 hours and try again". Do they even give a ****?
This is absolutely embarrassing, not just for the developers, EA, and BioWare, but also for us gamers that actually like the game, who wants to promote it for other people, yet they can't get simple **** like this working. I also sent in a ticket in-game yesterday, but since the game managed to fry my graphics card and harddrive when I typed /exit yesterday, I'm unable to see if I got any response. Why I'm still holding on hope for BioWare and EA to get their heads of out their big, overpayed asses is beyond me.