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01.02.2013 , 11:01 AM | #1
Title says it all. played gw2 got bored, been bored of WOW the grind is annoying and while all mmo's have grind i'd rather the grind be a different grind that i've come to despise. Played rift still can't get into that game totally. Thought about resubbing to Eve-Online and was like wait.. no that's just an open sandbox gankfest with no real goals.

tried planetside 2, firefall, fallen earth, LOTRO AND STO.. none of them do me like SWTOR does..

so here i am again. Although i made a new account simply because i didn't wanna call customer support to have them remove my authenticator.

game is pretty sweet and just as i remember it with fewer bugs.. got an instant 500 cartel coins.. which made me confused should i complain about the 500 cartel coins about how i'm being charged for those? or how does it work here on the forums again with free stuff?