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Yea as others have said just make sure the DPS are killing normals, then strings, the elites, then champions. Normal mobs die fast, and killing the early greatly reduces the amount of damage the healer has to worry about. Additionally, every class has abilities that stun normal/weak mobs, making them take even less damage.

This gives you time to pick up the strings/elites/champions, and get a head start on threat before DPS start hitting them.

If you're using cc, make sure that you attack before the cc goes off, even if its just a basic attack or a leap when you get it, or tossing explosive dart at a clump(which won't do damage till after the cc goes off even). This will give you all couple seconds of everything running to you instead of whoever CC'd(often the healer).

When you get it, don't open pulls with grapple, unless its a single mob and you want a specific position. Its better to usethe pull to bring a ranged mob into the pack for aoe once you get started .

Easiest way to always hold threat is to be the first into the grind. Make sure your healer's ready, and you can start on the next pull as the DPS finish off the last mob in the current one. Powertech is great for this as you can shoot the last mob while strafing to the next pull.

Hang in tgere , it gets a lot better as you pick up the last several talents in the shield tree, jetpack charge, free flame surge, heat screen, heat blast are all amazing. For now, watch your ammo(just remembered this is VG instead of PT heh) and weave in hammer shots before overheating, rather than getting to max heat and being forced to use nothing else.
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