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I had the exact same situation when I returned to this game a little over a month ago. This is what I did and it has worked great:

1. Look online and find a guide that can go in depth on what a proper rotation should be for your level(these forums have tons of guides, additionally noxxic also is a great place for info). Practice that rotation on regular enemies

2. Find a couple of players on your current planet and run some of the heroic missions with them. It will help you get back into the game as well as reacquaint you with group dynamics in a low-pressure setting.

3. Run flashpoints until you are on-level with the missions in your logbook. The group finder has made this a lot easier and even if you make mistakes, FPs offer very good experience and gear.

4. As you are completing FPs and missions, make sure your gear is appropriate for what AC you are and what role (dmg, tank, healer) you are trying to be.

Hope this helps!
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