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And I write about my work as an academic reference. It shows where I am drawing information from in a lore based discussion. If that sounds like bragging to you, then maybe you haven't got relevant experience and come from some culture where talking about your work implies you are better, smarter, richer, higher status? That's what you brought to that, my dear. I am just relating my experience in decades in academia and NGOs for the most part - a career that does not make you richer and by dark side interpretation impairs your advancement, probably implying poor things about your intelligence. Your ego has nothing to fear from the likes of me.

Shava Nerad
Actually you have that the wrong way round. Anyone who needs to do the whole "look at this piece of paper that shows I know what I am talking about" thing by talking about qualifications is not secure enough in themselves to just put a point out there and let other people judge them to be correct.

His point is that your prior experience is not important, and so should not be mentioned. Don't be right because of x background, just be right. Or not (I never bothered to read your link because I never read links as it is a lazy way of saying something).
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