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I completely understand the frustration of poor pvp players that make no effort to contribute to winning a match, either through class or map objective ignorance.

However, I'm just at a loss as to how people think a fresh 50 is going to have WH gear straight up... This is an honest question: How is a person supposed to have anything other than recruit gear upon hitting 50, with maybe a couple of WH pieces if they've saved comms??!!

This is a grind game. As such, EVERYONE, including yourself starts in scrub gear. Quitting a match because there are too many in this level of gear is poor form imo, as everyone has to start somewhere and the more you help that person win, the quicker they gear up and start helpng YOU win.

This attitude really amazes me because poeple seem to forget, they once had recruit gear (or worse) themselves and there is only one path to getting better gear - start at the bottom and grind up!
My remark was not directed at those that are in recruit gear specifically.

Quote: Originally Posted by DariusCalera View Post
The PvE green, recruit, or even WH, that do not understand the objectives of the WZ and go running off leaving the rest of their team, who are trying to play to objectives in the lurch.
My comment was directed at those that do not understand the objectives of a WZ and I included numerous gear levels and not just those in recruit gear.

As for their actual gear, there is no real reason for anyone to show up in PvE gear, at all. You receive a letter in the mail stating that you can get free recruit gear.

For those in recruit gear, I really don't care as long as they seem to know what they are doing. Hell, I've seen people in WH gear that still don't know how to play to the objectives of a WZ.