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Ah man the list of things i would like to see is so damn long but here are some that i think need to be put in for this game to keep going.

#1. Guild bases: this is something i have wanted in every MMO since i have played city of heroes, this was the best thing in the game for me and why i played it until it got shut down the things you could do with it was nearly endless but it opened so meny posabilitys for that game and it can for this one like you could add items that could lower cooldowns on crafting, doing crew missions or even quick travel but of course you would need to earn the right for that so they could add things for the guild to do to get the right to own it and we could even have giant guild on guild battles on your guild base which i picture being 2 giant dreadnaughts.

Which brings me to #2 Acutal Space Flight: this has been a thing meny people have wanted in the game and the devs at one point even promissed that it was going to be one of the first things to be patched was the ability to fly your ship and engage in dog fights in space the mode they have now was ment to be a place holder that would let us get gear for when they put the real space stuff in well it's been 1 year and still no space flight.... bummer

#3 Augmentable ability: this is one that one MMO had but i can't remeber the name of it but it had the awesome feture of letting you make your own ability and even making your own animation you could have it add all status aliments and be a heavy hitter but there was always a trade off so the more OP you made it the more it cost, how long it's cooldown was and at some times even had a chance of a backlash and hitting the user just something i think would be cool.

#4 Learnable weapons: this has been something that has had me scratching my head for ages now you have all these cool weapons in the game and for 2 of them only 1 class can use them namely the assult cannon and sniper rifle which you still get the plans to make on both sides which always piss's off any crafter since all it does is clog up there crafting tab, why can't we learn new weapons no reason why my OPS can't learn to use a pistal considering that in there own cutsences they use a pistal i know that a rifle is ment to be stronger but really i'm ment to be a close corters fighter a rifle isn't all that accutate at close range because of the size and recoil.

#5 Everyone can be everything: this was a promise they made like 3 months before they released it and was what got me to buy the game in the first place was that they said every class could do every so any class could tank, heal or dps and yet here we are stuck with some of them only being dps, i can understand that it woulda been hard to do but if they did pull it off that woulda been great because then people wouldn't be pressured into playing certurn class's like i know a few people that have rolled a SORC because they wanted to heal but hate the class and they don't really like the MERC or OPS i understand that i'm leveling a SORC now and i'm not having the best of times on it but i want the extra buff............. THERE BORING

#6 FACTION CHANGE WITH STORY: this is just one i wanted to put in there because really there is no reason why it shouldn't be in this game already we have 8 unqiue class's each with there own storys and lore and yet i have played all of them and at lest once in each story my chariter has been betrayed by there own faction and yet i still work for them? if that was me i would of changed sides in a instance i mean yes they propably would of shot at me when they saw me but i still woulda tryed the people i work for already showed me where there loyaly is well i say f you i'm working for the other guys, this would also open up new paths we could do and also give us more of a reason to make another of the same class to roll the other AC since we could do both PUB and IMP while also giving both sides all options to weapons since we could have any class on anyside.

well anyway thats just a few of my ideas i might write some more down but for now these are the big ones i want,