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I could not care less about your "canon". I am not Han Solo, I do not have to sit in the ship to travel. I am playing a game, I want to enjoy that experience, I do not enjoy all the crap I have to go through to get from one planet to another. Again, if you like it so much they can leave that option open to you, but for me they can remove ships altogether, they server no purpose anyway.
I don't think this game is for you. Space is a big part of Star Wars, while the space features aren't that impressive atm I'm sure they will be improved in the future. Especially since the "super secret space project" is in the works which is most likely gonna be a massive expansion down the road. (Hopefully sooner than later)

I really want some customization to our ships too. Because they kinda feel like your house. The legacy perks to the ship is a start but they need to do more with them atm.