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Here is the deal, if campaign/dreadguard players can find a dude that is locked on the first four bosses, they will love him, happened today when I found this dude that was locked on first four in KP and needed last. He had p ****** gear and I guess he needed both the loot and commendations so I yelled at a few friends and guildes and asked if they wanted some free coms. And about 4-5 minutes later I had a full ops group with one tank, one healer and rest DPS (including the poorly geared random dude), we made him ops leader, instructed him in how to que and went inside, killed the boss, he got all the loot and everyone else got the coms.

Not often it happened but when it does, it is p sweet, everyone loves to just get those coms, I mean, it's 10 and you need 350 for those Hazmat implants. So just spam fleet that you are locked on everything apart from last boss and people will treat you as a god =)

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