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So I'm planning to spec Deception instead, but not sure when to switch to Darkness. I want to tank, but I've tried speccing Darkness in the past and it doesn't end up working out, and I usually end up playing something else.

I find going Darkness right from the get go to not be ideal for several reasons:

1. Certain abilities (namely Shock and FL) require talents in the Darkness tree to even be worth using in the first place. Shock without Energize isn't really worth the force cost (I might use it as an opener if I'm at full force but even that's questionable), and FL isn't really even worth bothering with at all until you get HD, which is near the top of the tree. Add to it that Maul requires the force reduction from Duplicity to be viable which is the only other ability you really have at low levels. As such, speccing Darkness right off the bat you end up doing little more than Thrash spam, which is just boring.

2. Your first companion is a tank, which directly conflicts with you being a tank yourself. This coupled with the above just makes Darkness very dull early on IMO. It seems better to start off in Deception taking Duplicity and take advantage of having a tank to distract the mobs while you attack their backs with Maul. Once you get your 2nd companion Darkness seems a lot more useful.

3. Researching tanking, it seems Assassins are the worst tanks at low levels largely in part to being much more squishy than the other tanks. As if missing half your rotation due to missing abilities (Wither), or not having the talents to make some abilities even doable (Energize/HD, etc.) was bad I have to contend with not even being as sturdy as the other tanks (which I have already experienced firsthand). Makes me reconsider even bothering with tanking at all until the 30s or so and just deal with DPS queue times until then.

It's a real turn-off playing a class that blooms so late in the role I want to play. I'm not complaining so much as trying to figure out the best way to go about this while keeping myself interested in the class. I know it pays off eventually, but I'm seriously considering playing a Sorc instead, since at least with them healing is perfectly fine and dandy right from the beginning. I just would much prefer using a double-bladed lightsaber (not to mention actually using my lightsaber for more than just a stat stick), and I'd prefer to tank instead of heal I think.