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Yeah. Electro dart was the only reliable skill. NOw I have to aggroo the group before I stun, so I shall get 20 DOTs before I can even fire a shot.
If you want to take one of the mobs in the group out of commision, why not just use Concussion Missile? It still has the 30m range and will incapacitate the mob for 60s...

Back to the topic of Electro Dart: if the idea is to have an "interrupt", then we have a new ability called Disabling Shot (introduced in the same patch that reduced the range on Electro Dart). It is a standard interrupt that locks out the interrupted ability for 4 seconds and it also has a 30m range.

The "nerf" to Electro Dart/Cryo Grenade was extended to other classes as well. Inquisitors/Consulars had the same happen to Electrocute/Force Stun. I believe the reasoning behind this is that these abilities were originally meant as "escape" abilities to allow you to stop a "melee" character in his tracks and get away from him. However, due to their range they were being used offensively against "everyone" and not just "melee". The "nerf" was to "restore" the original intent of these abilities.
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